TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING is a multi-national company established by the merger of the Czech company TESCAN, a leading global supplier of scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) and focused ion beam (FIB) workstations, and the French company ORSAY PHYSICS, a world leader in customised focused ion beam and electron beam technology.

In the 24 years of existence, the TESCAN brand has built a solid reputation for designing and manufacturing scanning electron microscopes and system solutions for micro and nanotechnology and related applications.

TESCAN's products consist of a series of tailored systems especially designed for fulfilling the needs arising from all fields of science and technology such as materials science, life sciences, forensic sciences, and semiconductor industry. Almost 2000 SEMs installed in 77 countries bear testament to TESCAN’s first-class quality, proven technology and excellence. TESCAN’s portfolio includes thermionic emission systems, field emission SEM systems, FIB-SEM systems, RAMAN confocal microscopy, and most recently, an advanced light microscope for QPI imaging. TESCAN also focuses on developing special tools and detectors for diverse analytical purposes in a wide range of disciplines.


www.tescan.com - Do you want to learn more about product portfolio?

q-phase.tescan.com - Microsite about Q-PHASE.

library.tescan.com - Posters, abstracts, publications, application examples.

www.sem-applications.com - Please have a look at wide range of applications in numerous fields of science and industry.

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